Wednesday, December 5, 2007

On the Road

For the last couple days I have been on the road, so if anyone is reading this, that is why there was no posts.
When I last left off I was contemplating a run in the cold. Well I did go out and slogged through a brutal 5.4 mile run. This includes a face plant at the half mile mark that almost made me turn around and come home.
After just settling in, I caught my foot on a root and did my best impression of Ricky Henderson sliding into home. Hurt my right arm and my pride but I did get up and finish the run.
The run itself was scenic as I was running along the ridge behind my house facing the Athabasca River Valley and the Rockies towards Jasper. You certainly can't beat that for a view. Unfortunately it was -19 celcius and the wind was angling at me from the south east. I just don't like the cold anymore!
Sunday the weather was more of the same and I did a quick little run on the treadmill. After that I was watching the weather to decide if I should leave for Calgary now or in the morning. Based on the weather predictions I decided to leave on Sunday and it was good that I did as the weather got nasty and I would have never made it on Monday. Anyway I went to Calgary for a couple of opthamology appointments and got that done. After driving around the city it reaffirms my decision to never live in a major centre. Between traffic jams, idiot drivers (not that they are limited to cities), and lack of parking, I am quite content to live in my little community of 10,000 with 6 sets of traffic lights. I live 20 kilometres out of town and my daily drive is less than 15 minutes. You gotta love that! Anyway Calgary is behind me now and I can get back to training as I did nothing while I was there. I did get to visit my niece and her family and that was very nice.
So the plan for this week is to get back at it and rack up some miles on the bike and run. Patiently waiting for some new Spinerval DVDs which should be in this week.
I'm looking for a catchy sign off phrase so if anyone has one let me know.
Have a great day!

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