Friday, December 14, 2007

Thursday Workout

Not much to talk about today. Back into the grind.
Swam 1,700 metres at lunchtime
200 metre warmup
1000 metre continuous swim
400 metre alternate strokes
100 metre cool down
Biked 57:00 mins
17.0 miles
Finally received my Spinveral DVDs so I can start to lengthen some of my weekend rides and not get so bored.
Have a great weekend!


Andrew said...

Garry, I found your blog! Your winter travel story was crazy (at least I enjoyed it)!

You have impressive PR's that is for sure. I see running short & fast (easy 36 minute 5 milers!) runs in the family. But you have a better excuse than Mike - you run triathalons. I assume there aren't marathons in your tri's are there?

I hope to get to your level of PR's in the future. If I can stay consistent this winter I might be able to do it this spring.

Love2Run said...

Andrew! Ironman=marathon at the end!! My secret cousin is now out in the open and boy am I going to get worked over for it on the long run. And he even leaves comments on your blog before mine. I'm not sure if I can forgive him for that ;-)

Garry, glad you made it home safe. We just completed a 2 day trek to PEI to retrieve Stephanie, that was a little tricky as well due to road conditions.