Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!

Well here it is as promised! Not decorated yet but you can see that it is definitely a big tree. Go big or go home is my motto! We will get it trimmed later this week (if we have enough decorations!)
Last week was a pretty decent week of training as I logged 9 hours and 37 minutes. The introduction of the swim and the arrival of my Spinerval DVDs contributed to the better performance. As long as I maintain above 8 hours for the next couple of weeks I will be satisfied. This week will be a bit of a challenge as I have to go to Edmonton this afternoon and then to Calgary at the end of the week. However, we'll try to get the hours in if possible.
Yesterday's workout was a 25 mile bike ride at a 20 mph pace and an average cadence of 93 RPM. I was riding to the Aero Base Builder DVD which emphasizes working in the "Blue Zone", or aerobic zone and is very specific about maintaining that level. I'm not really good at following this type of training as I rarely wear my heart monitor. Strange, but it makes me feel constricted with it on, but I really should get over it and wear it. Later on in this training cycle I will need to start doing this for my runs.
My season for next year is pretty much set. Ironman Arizona in April, perhaps a spring Marathon (Vancouver?) in May, Lake Wasa Half Ironman in June, Kananaskis 100 mile relay in June, Sylvan Lake Half Iron Man in July, Lake Summerside Olympic in August, Stony Plain Half Marathon in September and the Royal Victoria Marathon in October. That should keep me busy, but it is pretty much what last year looked like with the exception I did Ironman Couer d'Alene in June instead of Arizona.
The RVM in October will be another stab at the sub-3 marathon. I have done at least one sub-3 in my 20's, and 30's and would like to do one in my 40's and I am starting to run out of time! I did the RVM in October in 3:05 and had a great race going until 37 kms when the wheels fell off. 2008 will be the year for sure!
Today calls for a day off, and I will try and get a run in tomorrow in Edmonton weather dependent.
Have a great day!


Love2Run said...

Wow that's crazy, like a Griswald tree (Chevy Chase) except it didn't pop through the roof! You really plan ahead too, don't you? Besides Boston and Cabot Trail I'm clear until PEI next fall.

Keith power said...

Garry you keep this hidden for a while. Well now maybe I should start a blog also, but then again I wouldn't have any time to run. Nice tree my tree is only 37' shorter. I have no plans for anything, just trying to get motivated again. TTYL Keith