Friday, December 21, 2007

Making Up Time

I was concerned that I would have trouble making my eight hours this week. But after today's workout(s) I may do it. As of the end of today, I have 6 hours and 35 minutes with one day to go in the workout week. This, despite a two day layoff early in the week.
Wednesday's run did not pan out and I had to cut it short after 35 minutes and 4.9 miles. The Achilles really started to sing and I felt myself limping. Took some more naproxen and stretched. I'll have to watch this as it feels a little different than what I normally get, deeper inside the tendon. Normally I get the pain right in the spongy part just behind your ankle and it is more a nuisance than anything. This doesn't seem to respond to stretching so hopefully the NSAID's will do the trick.
Thursday consisted of 84 lengths or 2,100 metres in the pool. I kind of just mixed it up after a 500 metre warm up. Did some 50 metre repeats and then some 100's and finished up with some 250 metre easy swims and then a nice leisurely cool down. After work I rode 1 hour and 40 minutes on the trainer doing a Tucson Training ride up Mount Lemon. Total distance was 35 miles. Legs felt good and I probably should have upped the tension a bit on the trainer.
Today was a 1,500 metre swim, 1 hour spin on the bike at a high cadence followed immediately by a brisk 5 miles in 33:30. Now I'm tired! The Achilles didn't really flare up, but it was there in the background. As long as it stays there I can live with that.
The Christmas tree is now decorated and the presents will soon start to show up underneath it. Looking forward to a quiet holiday with both kids and their significant others. Christmas Eve will be spent here with the family and Angela's brother Don and his wife, son and mother-in-law. It will be fun to have a little one in the house as Don's son, Nicholas is almost one. He is a great baby and I'm sure he will keep us busy.
Have a great holiday and remember to fit a few easy workouts in over the holiday or else you will look like my cat!
Happy Holidays!

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Love2Run said...

You've had a busy week keeping ahead of your fat cat! Nice tree! Have a great holiday with family and friends.