Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's another chilly one!

I am sitting here contemplating an outdoor run. Currently the temperature sits at about -16 Celsius with not a breath of wind. I should probably go out but I'll do this first.
Yesterday's workout was an all indoor brick. Now isn't that fun!
Started with a 31.19 mile bike. 15 minute warm up, 20 minutes of various drills, individual legs, variable gearing and then just hunkered down and rode for the remainder. Most of it was in the big chain ring with alternating tension on the trainer. After 1:40:25 I hopped off and headed up to the treadmill where I ran a quick 3.3 miles in 22 minutes. Surprisingly my legs felt fine.
Noticed a little bit of clunking on my bike when I was riding so I will look at that today. I leave my road bike on the trainer pretty much all the time. It is a Trek 2000 Alpha SL. Great bike for the trainer. I put a retarded looking set of aero bars on it, but they work and it is set up about as good as it gets. So it's a pretty good ride. This was the bike I started my triathlon adventure out on and I used it right up until Ironman Couer d'Alene this summer. Anyway I should check out the noise, possibly instead of running outside. Did I mention I am inherently lazy and a bit of a wimp!
Have a great day!

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