Thursday, December 6, 2007

Time to get going again

With taking two days off this week, it is time to get serious about IM Arizona training.
Essentially I have a good base level of fitness, but to get ready for an iron man requires more than base level fitness. The good news is that I just received notification that the pool is going to re-open on December 10th. It has been closed since the end of August and the only water I have seen since then is my morning shower.
The swim for me in a triathlon is somewhat relaxing and eases you into the event. I am not a great swimmer, probably a middle packer at best. However I am comfortable in the water and know that devoting more time to my swimming doesn't necessarily produce the results that a similar investment in biking would produce. But I do like the swimming training and enjoy the fact that I can walk across the street from my office at lunch and get in 1,500 - 2,000 metres.
Yesterday's workout was just to get back into the swing of things. My plan was to run at lunch but the weather was not cooperating. So I ended up doing a 50:00 minute spin on the trainer followed by a quick 30:00 minute run on the treadmill. The spin was done in easy gears and was just enough to work up a light sweat. The run was a little harder with a 5 minute warm up, 20 minutes of 1 minute at sub-6 pace followed by 30 seconds rest and a 5 minute cool down.
The weather is supposed to improve by the weekend. An improvement means the temperatures should get into the - 7 degrees Celsius range. With the warming(?) we are likely to see more snow which makes for tricky footing (see yesterday's post!). Whatever happens though I need to get outside or I will quite possibly lose my mind.
Latest book I read was the Craft of Intelligence by Allan Dulles. Interesting book about the CIA during the Cold War.
Music I am listening to these days includes the new Blue Rodeo - Small Miracles, and Into the Wild - Eddie Vedder.
Have a great day!

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