Friday, December 7, 2007

Yesterday's Workout

My run yesterday was under a crystal blue sky with bright sunlight streaming through the trees. The brisk cold lightly stung my cheeks as I glided effortlessly across the crunchy snow..........???
Okay, okay, I wimped out again and did 45 minutes on the treadmill watching two episodes of Season 3 of The Office. I had great intentions but it was still -22 degrees Celsius at noon and I just can't do it. Today is supposedly the last of this cold snap and then we should get back to more seasonable weather. My workout today will probably get scratched since tonight is our company Christmas Party and it starts at 6:00 p.m. I need to get a haircut and all the other pre-party pampering done so it will mean I will pass on the bike ride.
This week was not a banner week for training, but I never get too worried about it. Life happens and I already have enough stresses in my life that I don't need to make my leisure activities become one of them. Plus the qualifying spots for Beijing have already been determined for these Olympics so I can relax ;)! I am pretty disciplined overall but I think I have a healthy attitude towards the whole Iron man training. Certainly I would never attempt one without proper training and inevitably I will get the necessary training done. But a missed workout here and there and cutting others short due to other commitments are not going to effect my complete training plan.
The next couple weeks are always a challenge for most people as they try and balance their training with the holiday season. Bottom line is moderation throughout this period. Watch the eating, but still enjoy the good stuff the holiday brings and also find a way to at least maintain fitness throughout. It certainly isn't a time to be planning an ambitious week or two, but you still should be able to get some workouts in.
Hopefully this weekend I will be able to complete a workout with a more poetic description of the surroundings. But if the weather is still cold I have 4 more discs of Season 3!

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Love2Run said...

Wimp! Found you out at last. Nice to see you've taken the plunge and now Andrew & I can keep an eye on you. I also have a treadmill for those awful days when I can't bear to throw on 3-4 layers to keep warm. Keep up the good training and blogging!