Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Bucket List....

No this is not about the movie, it is about the different buckets I used to clean up this mess!

When we got home from work last night a quick look at the temperature gauge on my boiler indicated a problem. And sure enough when I went down to the crawl space this is what I found. The initial assessment is that I had a catastrophic failure in my air exchanger, but we will leave the final diagnosis to my wealthy plumber.

So my workout last night was scooping, mopping and vacuuming. Thankfully this is an unfinished crawl space but I still had some treasures stored down there which got wet. Oh well, it is cleaned up now and should be fixed by the end of the day. Fortunately I could isolate it and still operate the boiler and heating system so we didn't freeze last night.

Now I will have to squeeze a couple of workouts in over the last couple of days to make my week. I did manage an hour long swim at lunch yesterday. I did 2,400 metres. The workout was 400 m warm up

400 m drills

28 x 50 m intervals

200 m cool down

The intervals were two sets of 14 with the first 4 working on breathing on my weak side (left), 4 steady bi-lateral breathing, and 6 build intervals, start slow and finish fast.

There are two big efforts left in this week, one long run and a long bike.

I was having a little bit of trouble with this Achilles again, but I had stopped using my massager. Once I used it again the tightness and dull ache went away. That thing is magic!

It is called a Trigger Point massager and is one of the best gadgets I have ever owned. It is the only thing that works when I get inflammation in my soleus. Check it out!

Have a great day!


Keith power said...

At first I thought that might of been sweat, from your workout. I guess we have to lighten the situation up a little. Hopefully you didn't have to get a second mortgage for repairs???

J. Garry Power said...

No, the major damage is in books and about 300 albums I had stored down there. I have it by-passed now but hopefully I can get the plumber to take a look.