Monday, January 21, 2008

Spoke too soon......

It was probably about a week or so ago that I was crowing about the fact that we have had little or no snow. Well that has all changed within the last 72 hours. The snow has returned and it looks like we are in for more according to the long range forecast. I'm glad I booked that week in Florida next month!
The weekend was relatively quiet. Our daughter Francesca was home for some relaxation after a very trying and emotional week for her. The time was well needed and she headed back for the city yesterday afternoon feeling much better. We spent some nice family time with her and her brother Nicholas and his fiance Nicole. They came out for dinner on Saturday night and we enjoyed a raclette meal along with a great cheese and chocolate fondue. Everything is healthy in the fondue until you bathe it in cheese or chocolate.
Training last week went well, but I overshot my target by about two hours. I have to make sure I get my rest days in there, as there is no progress without rest. As I mentioned earlier you have to do all the activities of your training at the right intensity, the hard days hard, the easy days easy, and you have to rest hard! Despite coming up long on the hours I was short on my biking time. That is not surprising as it is my least favourite event, but I need to make sure I do the time in the saddle.

Saturday, was a good solid tempo run 10.2 miles in 1:08 for an average 6:42 / mile. Heart rate stayed up around 151 bpm the whole time.

Sunday I was on the bike for an easy 20 miler. The legs felt great even after the aggressive run the previous day. Cadence averaged 92 RPM and average speed was 18.2 mph.

This week the focus is on the bike so I need to get geared up for that (no pun intended!).

Better bundle up as it looks like it is going to be a chilly one today.

Have a great day!

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Love2Run said...

So what kind of wine do you have with this cheese? I'm into homemade wines and find them better than most of what you can buy. 2 hours? Be careful there.