Friday, January 4, 2008

Picking up the Pace

With Arizona 15 weeks away, training will now start to ramp up. This week calls for a 10 hour week and I am hoping by the latter part of this cycle to be around 18 hours and then taper. Last year I got up too high, too fast and tried to stay there for too long. I think I was somewhat fortunate to have some injury problems near the end as it forced me to rest. This year I will follow the plan a little better and stay within the hour parameters but make sure that I have a different focus each week. Last year again I allocated my hours to the sports and didn't make many changes. You definitely need to have weeks where more hours are allocated to certain sports and to certain skills within that sport. As previously mentioned, cycling holds the biggest opportunity for me. When I first started doing triathlon I made a big mistake and thought that with the leg strength and aerobic conditioning I had from running that cycling would be a snap. Boy was I wrong! While having the aerobic conditioning was an obvious benefit, there is a lot more to riding a bike. I soon had to realize that I was a novice cyclist with good conditioning and nothing more. Since then I have worked on technique and done the requisite "time in the saddle" and have seen steady improvement. It also didn't hurt that I went from a road bike to a tri bike last year. The old Trek 2000 served me well, but the geometry and components of the tri bike are just a whole new league.
Workouts for yesterday:
Swim 2,000 metres - 1,600 metre continuous swim - 200 warm up / 200 cool down
Run 8.0 miles - 55:00 minutes on the treadmill. Achilles still a little sore but at least I wasn't limping.
The holidays will officially come to a close this weekend when I take Francesca back to school. We had a wonderful holiday season and got to see lots of the kids.
Hope yours was as good as mine.
Have a great day!

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