Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not Again!

No this is not a repeat of yesterday's picture! It looks like we are going to get a taste of good, old fashioned, Alberta winter!
The truck let out a mournful moan when I turned the key, but it did come to life. This type of weather is so hard on your vehicle.
Another nasty day, with the mercury not expected to get much beyond -29 C.
After a foggy ride into Town, I surveyed the damage from burst pipes in the HR Office. Looks like we will be moving these people out of here as we are not going to fix this anytime soon. After settling down into my office, I got a call from our Materials Superintendent to let me know that pipes had burst in the mill store room and we were figuring out how to isolate that. Finally got a chance to get to my mail and review the previous day's production figures and I received another call from our Fibre Superintendent. Fire water pipes burst in the Chip Thickness Screening gallery and we were starting to have to ramp back the digester and mill production. Man, it's not even 7:30 a.m.! What else could go wrong?!?
There goes my cell phone and it is my daughter-in-law to be. They have no water in their house.
Well that answers my question! Fortunately I packed my big winter boots in the truck, I grabbed my coveralls that I wear once a year for shutdown, and head over to their house to see what is up. Nothing broken but there is no hot water. So under the house I go and start setting up some heaters and putting some heat tracing tape on the hot water line. I uncover part of the area by the hot water tank and start thawing the line with a hair dryer right at the tee. Soon I hear water running and we have partial success. Water is running in the main bathroom and the ensuite. After another couple hours we have water running in pretty much all the house, but it is time to get back to work.
I am pretty much frozen from being under the house all this time, but I know I have some nice soup for lunch so that brightens my spirits. However, I am going to have to blow off my run at lunch. No big deal, I can probably make it up, but even if I don't I am not too worried.
So that is what a day is like when the temperature dips to the -35 C or better range. Pretty exciting isn't it!
The evening workout was a high tempo bike effort - 1 hour 32 minutes - 32.4 miles all in the big chain ring. Right at the threshold for the whole ride.
I am quite excited about tomorrow as the temperature is going up to -19 C! I may run in shorts!
Have a great day!

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