Thursday, January 17, 2008

I had a great day!

Today was one of those days where you just feel good. And in all honesty, there was really nothing that spectacular about today. My run was average, my bike ride was a ho-hum spin / recovery ride, and work was fine. I had my annual review at the bank and we have determined that I can retire in 2070 and my mortgage will be paid off the year after that! Pretty much just another normal, average type day. But maybe that is what I appreciated about the whole thing was that it was so normal. Sometimes I think we take normal for granted and we want so much more. We want excitement and excellence in everything we do and forget to just take it all in and really enjoy normalcy. Perhaps it is some other events that have gone on in the last few days that have made me think this way, but it really did impact me today. Sorry about getting all philosophical on you, but sometimes that is going to happen as I write my little training stories.
At lunch time the snow was coming down in big, white, fluffy flakes. The temperature was -1 C and overcast. By the time I hit the roads it had already accumulated to about 5 cm, but the footing was still decent. I ran up the road through the middle of town to the first logging road that heads south. The first two miles has a steady climb of about 300 feet. Once I got to the top of the road I branched off onto the trails. They were snow covered and no one had been on them as of yet, but it looked so nice that I thought I would have to take that route. It was absolutely fantastic back there as the snow had covered everything and it was unbelievably quiet. All I could hear was the muffled sound of my shoes on the snow and the beat of my heart. I followed the trail west through to the back of Maxwell Lake and then turned south and headed up Happy Creek Trail. Happy Creek apparently got it's name from some early settlers who had a still up in the bush on this little creek. When ever someone would come around they would dispose of the evidence into the creek and hence the name. I don't know how true that is, but it makes for a great story! Once on this trail I followed if for another half a mile or so and then turned around. I was stumbling a little bit (like I had drank out of Happy Creek), because of the many roots that the snow had now hidden, so I decided to get back on the main trail.
The way back was much faster as my old friend gravity showed up and we ran together down the hills. Final total was 8 miles in 1:00:49 with an average HR 128 and max of 139 bpm. Really great run all in all.
Tonight I did an easy spin on the bike, 50:10, 14.1 miles.
Yesterday was a short, hard day in the pool. I did 1,800 metres in 40:30 which consisted of 800 metres of warm up and drills, followed by 18 x 50 metre intervals with 10 seconds rest. The work out finished up with a 100 metres of easy breast stroke.
So far this week I am a little bit ahead of where I am supposed to be. Tomorrow calls for another relatively easy day and then Saturday is supposed to be the first of some longer runs.
Have a great day!

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Keith power said...

Hey Garry that was great, we all know you have to stop and smell the rose's every now and then? Take every day and enjoy it to it's fullist?