Thursday, January 3, 2008

Invasion of the "Resolutioners"!

They're baaaack! Every year at this time they show up. Taking over the lanes that are owned by the regulars. Swimming in random directions, stopping at the end of the lanes to chat. They are the resolutioners and they will be here for the next two weeks at most. I'll have to listen how they are going to lose 50 pounds, or do the Hinton Triathlon, or whatever. And while I wish them all the best, it ain't gonna happen! The success rate of the resolutioners is pretty low to be sure. They don't understand that January 1 is no magic date, and that good intentions don't take the place of hard work. Because that is what it takes to stay in shape, plain, old, simple, hard work. Regardless of what your goals are, without action they are nothing. I wish the resolutioners the best, but I know in two weeks I will have my lane back. There will be 4 other people who will be there in their regular lanes and life will be good again! Yesterday's swim was a 2,100 metre workout that incorporated some drills and core work from a workout. It is a good site as all you have to do is enter some time trial information and a few other statistics and it will provide you with different swim workouts. You can tailor the intensity and whether or not you want different strokes included. The workout I did today, while dodging the "resolutioners", included a 400 metre warm up, 400 metre build set, then a main set of 24 x 50 metres at 55 seconds with 15 seconds rest. An easy 100 metre mixed stroke set finished it up. This is the first real intensity workout I have done in the pool thus far and I was slow. But that's okay, the whole point is to work on good form and staying in it even as you tire. The evening workout was a 31 mile ride in 1:37. Another aerobic effort trying to teach the body to use fat as a fuel. This ride consisted of variable gearing sets with most of the time spent down in the aerobars to simulate race conditions. Today I will try for a run at lunch. I have put some different insoles in these Saucony shoes to see if I can get rid of this Achilles problem. Near the end of my 11.5 mile run on New Year's Day I was starting to limp. With any luck these will work.
Have a great day!

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Love2Run said...

Haven't seen many resolutioners on roads around here. I think they've wimped out already!