Sunday, January 13, 2008

Should I go or should I stay?

Title of the song made famous by the Clash and pretty much summed up how I was feeling about today's workout.

Got up early and had a couple of blueberry scones with jam and washed them down with some coffee. Swallowed down a handful of vitamins, supplements and the daily 80 mg of aspirin with a large glass of juice and started to think about what I was going to do. It looked a little windy so I decided on another cup of coffee and read a little bit out of the latest issue of Mental_floss. Still debating on what today's workout would look like. The schedule called for an hour long run focusing on technique. Maybe I will drive into town and run the town trails for something different to do? That sounds like a plan, but I should check my e-mail first. Finished that, but I really need to see if there is anything new on iTunes. Checked out the new album by Lifehouse and decided that I should buy it. Okay, okay, you get the idea I was really procrastinating this morning.

Finally, at shortly after 10:00 a.m., I decided to head out the door and see where the wind took me. The first mile was a little tough as the old Achilles was trying to convince me to turn tail and go home. Got through that and then I decided I would head north on highway 40 to do some hill work. Normally during the week I would not go on this road as it is crazy busy with traffic going to and from the oil patch. This morning traffic looks light and I know I will get in a good hill work out if I go this direction. The Achilles had settled down and I just put the head down and started climbing. The sun was coming up and it was actually getting quite warm. I was also feeling pretty smart because I could definitely feel that the wind was behind me and pushing me up the hill. After climbing for 3.5 miles I took a side logging road and went down a ways but found it too slippery so I headed back down the hill. The descent was nice even though the wind was in my face. Gravity is a wonderful thing! After a few more little side trips I was on the last stretch home and passed my naybours that you can kind of make out in this picture.

Ended up with 10.5 miles in 1:16:29, average pace of 7:17 / mile and heart rate of 137 bpm.

This week's schedule calls for fewer hours, around 8 1/2 but there are some higher intensity workouts included.

Have a great day!

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Keith power said...

Sounds like you had a good run,after all? Like every training day the hardest part is getting out the door. After that USUALLY it's easy those nasty little endorphin take over. Keep up the great training plan?