Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This ain't no bull........ is actually a cow elk. As a matter of fact it is a whole herd of elk! I believe a group of cow elk together is called a harem, but I could be wrong (not likely though!) These ladies were just across the road from our place in a horse pasture. Actually there are horses mixed in amongst them and everyone seems to be getting along famously. This herd migrates on a regular basis from along the ridge on the river, cross the highway to this pasture and then they head up towards an old landing strip. From there they catch the ridge on the other side of the river and hang out in the pines back there. I have gotten startled a few times running the trails when they have come crashing out of the woods. That will definitely get your heart rate up!
Today was a long distance swim at lunch - 2,500 metres in 54:35. The first 1,500 including my warmup was done as a bit of a time trial, and I was 31:30 which I am quite satisfied with. The rest of the swim was mixed strokes and a few lengths with the pull buoy. Generally a rather satisfying swim.The evening was going to be a bit longer run, but after 55:35 at high tempo, I was bagged and called it a run. Managed to log 8.34 miles, so I was running pretty consistently around 9 mph. The running is going well, and I will continue to increase my one long run per week until I hit around 15 - 18 miles.
Weather today was still chilly, but it did warm up to -23 C at lunch time. Tomorrow it looks like this finally breaks and heads east.
Currently I am reading East of the Sun by Benson Bobrick. It is a history of Siberia. Quite interesting, just tough trying to read all the Russian names.
On the iPod, I just added Susan Tedeschi - Greatest Hits Volume 2.
Have a great day!

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Keith power said...

How come you can find all the elk in the winter, and never in the fall? Looks like its warmed up, we have the freeze now but only for a couple of days. Keep up the great work!